Thriving Audio Garden

House of Thriving community members share about thriving through healing-centered education.

Kelechi Erondu, analytics manager from New York City
shares what is possible through authenticity
Rachelle Archer, educational consultant from San Diego shares
about the power of healing-centered education

“Uplifting the power of community and the medicine that is in community… it's a way of being that is nourishing”

Edna Bosseau, math teacher from Wisconsin
reflects on Thriving Teacher Project
Quin Gonell, restorative practice coordinator from Massachusetts
imagines integrating healing when supporting teachers

“Teachers can play an important role as facilitators of healing … they create the space for healing to happen”

Andrew Lor, math teacher from Minnesota shares how
Thriving Teacher Project has helped him slow down
Gabby Ruocco, educator and community developer from Chile
reflects on the 2021 Thriving Teacher Summit

"Heartfulness and vulnerability in education leads to healing”


The music featured in the audio garden was produced by Dike Godstime.