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Healing-Centered Education Primer

April 2022

The Acosta Institute's Healing-Centered Education course invites participants into an exploration of how practitioners and scholars have deliberately integrated the notion of healing into K-12 curriculum and professional education. 

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Healing-Centered Education Summit

Oct 2021

Featured on the Panel: Enabling conditions for thriving through Archaeology of the Self with Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Maria Tan, Dru McDaniel and Jen Gowers. You can listen to Maria's pre-summit interview below in the HCE Summit Audio Garden.

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Thriving Teacher Summit

2021 Theme: Centering Educators' Healing and Wellbeing

 Rooted in the restorative and healing-centered paradigm, the Thriving Teacher Summit supports educators in tending to their healing and restoration and fosters connection to a growing community of practitioners and scholars. Through a dynamic keynote address, an integrative closing panel, and concurrent workshops and restorative sessions, we create an experience that ignites and empowers educators on their journey towards thriving.

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Thriving Teacher Project Masterclass Series

Oct 2020 - May 2021

The Thriving Teacher Project Masterclass Series is an 8-part web series curated to provide educators with the tools and space to process, heal, and thrive during challenging times. Each month features a masterclass by an expert in the fields of mindfulness, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, and trauma-responsive education (and more) to provide educators with tools to sustain their lives. A weekly follow-up support group will be facilitated by teachers for teachers to provide space for discussion, reflection, and community building.